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” Human Trafficking is the exploitation of a person against their will by another person by means of various means, e.g. Threat of violence, deceit, fraud or abuse.”

There is more slavery today than ever before in human history.

The victims of this crime are barely visible in our society or are simply overlooked. That’s why they rarely get the chance for protection. Most victims in Europe come from Africa, Asia and Eastern European countries.

4 out of 5 victims are women in forced prostitution – by far the most common form of human slavery.

Most people are traded from poorer countries in the south or southeast to rich countries in the north.

The United Nations estimates that around 500,000 women and girls are forced into prostitution each year in Europe alone. The resulting annual revenue is estimated at $ 10 billion.

Around 100,000 of these women come from Africa – and they are brought to Europe each year, mainly via the so-called Mediterranean route. They have a significant economic impact on the entire refugee movement.

Our current campaigns focus on trafficking women from Africa.

But actually it’s not all about Africa – because almost 90% of all these women, come from ONLY ONE CITY, not much bigger than Vienna. Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


At FREE ME, we think that a problem that is largely so clearly definable – must be a solvable problem. Help us!

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What we want

We think the exploitation of african women in Europe can be stopped. Almost 90% of these young women are from JUST ONE REGION in Nigeria. If we concentrate our efforts there, we an achieve a permanent change and destroy the whole system, by stopping the further funding.

Our work consist of three main areas:

1.Help for victims in Europe.

We help women to exit the system. We advise, help with accomodation and further actions.

2. Prohibit further victims of human trafficking

We educate in Benin City, especially through projects in Schools. We set up education and work training programms for girls – to create alternatives for them, so they will less likely become victims and fall into the hands of human traffickers.

3. Political demands

In Europe: The victims are in fear of their tormentors – they should not be afraid of our authorities, too – what they are!

We demand sensible asylum rules for victims of human trafficking, that cooperate with the authorities. Only when they are not afraid of getting deported, they will be open to act against the human traffickers.

In Nigeria: „CANCELLATION of all DEBTS“ to human traffickers for all victims by local spritual leaders (more about this here…) and the nigerian government.

If we cut off the money – we will destroy the system!

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Free Me – wants to stop Human Trafficking globally. Please support our actual campaigns, which have the goal

…to stop sex slavery of african women in Europe and prevent future victims!

Please help us with a donation, so that they

– don’t end up like this:

You can do this

  1. By making a payment through your bank account into our account at Erste Bank



FREE ME – Donation account: BIC: GIBAATWW   –    IBAN: AT05 2011 1838 1859 8100

or via paypal.

2. or directly via paypal:

3. Or by filling in our form from Helpmundo – where you can choose between different payment methods like “Sofortüberweisung”, Credit Card or Direct Debit (coming soon).



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