Girl of the week: 10 years old Aishat

10 years old Aishat lives with her mother and three other siblings. The father is married to more than one women and works as a local currency changer who earns not more than a 1000 naira daily which is not enough to cater for his wives and children.

please pay my school fee

Aishat is originally from the North of Nigeria but the mother had to moved to South of Nigeria with hope of having a better living and sometimes the father is coming for visit.

Aishat hawks sachet water on the street and only make less than 50 naira per day to also support the family. When she was interviewed, she talked about how she would love to go to school and learn like her mates. Every morning she is often seen following her friend to school but then has to go to her daily job because she was not allowed to enter inside the school compound as she is not a student of the school. She beg for help to go to school and do something good with her future.


A regular donation of just €10.- per month – would cover her whole school fees and other costs.

With a one-off donation of € 25.- you could pay for a package with a school uniform.

With € 70 you could pay for a package that includes books and school lunch for the whole year.





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