Disscussion at the Cinemarkt in Brunnenpassage


Last week we were invited for a discussion at Cinemarkt in Brunnenpassage, to talk about the movie JOY and also the issue about sex tracking in Nigeria. Unfortunately one of the actor Precious Sanusi (she player Precious in the movie) who was suppose to join us could not make it because she was ill.

I realized that, even though people know in general that trafficking exist and it’s dangerous, they don’t really have full knowledge of how dangerous it really is for the victims. How they live and what they really go through in the hands of their traffickers. What they face in the society and how difficult it is to integrate.

The movie JOY gives us a good insight about victims of human trafficking from Nigeria. Their lives when they are with their traffickers and their life after they pay their debt. If they really become happy after they pay off their debt and if they manage to integrate in the society.

After the discussion people came to us to ask more questions about the movie.

The questions and answers you can find here!

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