So many girls in Africa (especially Nigeria) still believe in education, doing something decent and having a normal job, but lack means of actually achieving that goal. Some manage to survive daily by doing little jobs. Others end up staying at home for a long time. They get frustrated and would grab any opportunity they get, to make a living.

Iyenoma is a 24 years old lady. She is well spoken and want to go back to school. She finished high school in the year 2014 but couldn’t go further, because there was no means (finance) of furthering her education to university level. Her father is a local carpenter and doesn’t make enough money to feed the whole family. She is the eldest of five children and her mother is a full time house wife.

Speaking with Miss Iyenoma on the phone, she told me how things have been very rough for her family, often it’s even a problem to pay for their house rent and feeding. Sometimes she even think of going out of her way to make money, but she couldn’t because of how well brought up she is. Currently she stays at a friend’s place and is doing some small job to pay her bills and also help with the family. But her real desire is to finish her education. From her voice and how excited she talked with me, I am convinced that she really wants to go to school and become something better.

There are many girls out there who need our help, so they don’t end up being victims of their current situations. These kind of girls are easy targets for traffickers and we can help them with donations to sponsor their school fee, buy text books or pay for them to learn a hand trade so they can earn their own money.


A regular donation of just €10.- per month – would cover trade learning fees and other costs.

With a one-off donation of € 25.- you could pay for a package with a school uniform.

With € 70 you could pay for a package that includes books and school lunch for the whole year.



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