The founders of Free Me

Osatohamwen Odion, the now student and part time photomodel was brought to Europe through the desert, Lybia and the mediterranean sea – to be abused as a sex slave on the streets of Turin in Italy – to create massive profits for her traffickers.

Since she escaped, she fights a systems that made her a slave – to help other women that share her faith – and prevent others to become a victim as well.

The law graduate Robert Buchhaus worked his whole life in different positions in the non-for-profit world. Currently he is the CEO of a fundraising agency and acts as vice president of the Austrian Fundraising association.

“My motivation for Free Me is simple. One of my mottos is: “if injustice happens, you shall not remain silent!”

Almost 90% of all African Sex Slaves in Europa are from JUST ONE CITY  – not much bigger than Vienna. This form of human trafficking of young women is the economic engine that keeps the refugee crisis around the “mediterranean Route” running  – which affects all of Europe. If a problem is so cleary traceable to a small source – we have to be able to solve it.”

The rest of our team in Austria, Italia, the rest of Europe and Nigeria is growing constantly.

Adivser and volunteers here – Field Worker in Benin City, who visit Schools to warn and educate young girls and who check the cases of the familes that apply for our education sponsorship programms.

Joy Osayanmon Izevbokun from Edo State has a  B. A degree in English and Literature from University of Benin. She  enjoys working with people, is hardworking and receptive and is excellent in baking cakes and snacks. She hopes to enjoy her work with Free Me in achieving a world that is free from slavery.
Yusuf Olaide Yusuf obtained a degree of Business Management/Administration from Kwara State University, Nigeria and is currently serving Nigeria through National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Edo State Benin City.

Olaide is always ready to work. He is also a photographer as well as an upcoming graphic designer. He sees working for Free Me as an opportunity to get started to helping the WORLD.

Gasali Sulaiman Onikepo also obtained a degree of Business Administration and Management from Kwara State University, Nigeria and is currently exercising his youth service in Nigeria through National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Edo State Benin City. He is energetic, creative and hardworking. As he likes to face challenges and to withstand pressure he is looking forward to working with Free Me.