Oluchi Success Story


oluchi happy with her success

Oluchi is a 17 years old girl who most of her life has lived with other people as house help because her family could not afford to take care of her. The first time she left her parents in the village, she went with a strange women who her parents approved of because she promised to send Oluchi to school in Lagos. But getting to Lagos she did not keep to her promise of sending her to school instead she turned Oluchi into her house maid and maltreated her like a slave. Oluchi found a way to get away from the woman. Later an uncle of her offered his help to bring her to the city and sponsor her in school. In the beginning things where going well between her and her uncle but when the uncle got married, his new wife did not treat Oluchi very nice and did not agree that her husband is looking after her (oluchi) for free. With the situation of things Oluchi decided to learn tailoring so she has a craft that can help her make money in the future and support herself but she could not afford the learning fee for the trade.

Oluchi before she started learning tailoring

One of FREE ME staff in Nigeria reached out to her and she confided in us. After learning her story we promised to help her. We arranged a place where she can learn and covered the fees. Now she is happily learning her craft and her teachers are very satiesfied with her success.

So this is one case where FREE ME could make a positive change in a young woman`s life but there are more girls like Oluchi that needs our help and support, reaching out to these girls will help prevent them from reaching out to the wrong people who later make them work as a prostitute in the street of Europe.


A regular donation of just €10.- per month – would cover trade learning fees and other costs.

With a one-off donation of € 25.- you could pay for a package with a school uniform.

With € 70 you could pay for a package that includes books and school lunch for the whole year.


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