Loveth with a staff from FREEME ar her trade learning place

Loveth stop scholling since 2015 because of financial issues with her family. Her father lost his job few years ago and can not provide so much for his family. He cultivates crops so as to put food on the table for his family and does not make extra money out of this.

Loveth sell roasted yams (looks like a poteto) on the street where she only takes home 200 naira (less than 50 cent) everyday. Before dropping out from school, Loveth has been a victim of rape and this incident broke her and made her insecure. Seeing how things has turn out in the family, going to school was no longer an option for Loveth so she decided to learn a trade so she could also help to provide for her family.

Loveth before she started learning her trade

We reached out to Loveth through one of our staff in Nigeria and she told us about her story. We helped her to find a place where she could learn a trade and also paid for her learning fees.Now she is learning tailoring and is happy with what she is doing. There are more girls like Loveth who need someone to reach out to them.


A regular donation of just €10.- per month – would cover trade learning fees and other costs.

With a one-off donation of € 25.- you could pay for a package with a school uniform.

With € 70 you could pay for a package that includes books and school lunch for the whole year.


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