WIN 2 movie tickets for award winning movie “JOY”

„ ein filmisches Meisterwerk“

„ a delicately provocative and deeply affecting film“ BFI London Film Festival Jury 

„ eine Authentizität und Intensität, die unter die Haut geht“  Jury Wiener Filmpreis

After winning various international awards, the Austrian movie JOY premieres in Austria. We give away 4 times 2 tickets – in a cinema of your choice in Austrian.

Joy is a young Nigerian woman caught in the vicious cycle of sex trafficking. She works the streets to pay off debts to her exploiter Madame, while supporting her family in Nigeria and hoping for a better life for her little daughter in Vienna. Joy struggles to understand her role in this merciless system of exploitation when she is instructed by Madame to supervise Precious, a teenage girl fresh from Nigeria who is not ready to accept her fate.

It does not happen so often, that Austrian productions win international movie awards. That a movie about  (as we in FREE ME know) so difficult issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking succeeds in this, did surprise and delight us. We hope it will draw public awareness and understanding to the issue.

After the premiere at Viennale in november there was a lot of applaus from the audience, but also a feeling of oppression, because the movie manages to portrait the situation authentic and real, making the audience to empathise.

One member of the audience durng an discussion after the premiere asked a bit desperate – “So, what could we do?” – Maybe you find the answer in one of our FREE ME projects.

How can you win a ticket (two actually)? –

  1. Everybody who uses our donation (Spendenformular) form in Jannuary automatically takes part in the draw. 
  2. If you just want a chance for the tickets – please just leave us a comment at the bottom of this page with your name and email-address.

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