Education is important.

Teaching Children the importance of education is important. 11 years old angel is the first child of her parents. She lives with both parent. The mother is a graduate but unemployed because the rate of unemployment in the country is high. The father is a taxi driver and can not afford to send Angel and her younger sibling to school.  Angel´s family can bearly eat let alone pay tuition fee.

I spoke personally to Angel´s mother and she was so happy for the opportunity that Free_me is giving to her daughter to go to school. She told me about her keen interest in education and how she wants all her children to go to school. Even though they couldn’t afford to send their children to school, they manage to organize a cheap home lectures for the girls to keep them busy and educating.

Giving female children the oppurtunity to go to school and be well informed is one way to stop human trafficking. Most girls that are victims of human trafficking are not well educated and well informed.


A regular donation of just €10.- per month – would cover trade learning fees and other costs.

With a one-off donation of € 25.- you could pay for a package with a school uniform.

With € 70 you could pay for a package that includes books and school lunch for the whole year.



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