Here you find links to some other organisations that work on human trafficking (FREE ME is working with some of them via the “Plattform against exploitation and human trafficking”) – plus there are some additional links:

One Co-operation we want to promote especially – –  by Joana Adesuwa Reiterer, as we share a lot of their goals and ideas.


the following links couls also be interesting for you:

Task Force gegen Menschenhandel (BMEIA)

Die Plattform “Ware Mensch” der SalvatorianerInnen in Österreich

“anti trafficking review”

Council of Europe – Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

OECD Human Trafficking and Corruption

UNDOK – Anlaufstelle zur gewerkschaftlichen Unterstützung UNDOKumentiert Arbeitender

FRA Fundamental Rights’ Agency – Research Severe labour exploitation – workers’ perspectives (SELEX II)

IOM – Migration Data link

European Commission Together Against Trafficking in Human Beings

Web-Ausstellung gegen Menschenhandel