Job Training

Our most important goal is, to prevent future victims. Save young women from the painful and dangerous trip – and the exploitation in Europe!

The most efficient way to do this –  is to create job opportunities here, with a job training. FREE ME covers the costs and arranges places in profession learning schools or companies that educate and teach professions – like tailoring. Most training programmes last 1-2 years.

Our filed worker research the cases of the young women and the standards of the training places, coordinate their start with the school or company. Most programmes run for 1-2 years.

Here are some of th stories of women we look after:

Field report: Queen had to leave school in the last year of her high school, because it cost alot money to write the final year exams and the family didn`t see it as neccessary as there was no money to sponsor her in the university any way. Queen*s mother who is the bread winner of the family sells cooked food on the street to passer bys and queen assists her mum in this business. queen explains that some of the male customers make advances at her and some even touch her in sexual harrasing way but she fear not complain or yell at them as this could make them not buy from the mother again. now she wants to learn tailoring because she has alway love the idea of design nice clothes and also want to do somethimg useful with her life and also help her family.

Loveth stop scholing since 2015 due to finacial issues in the family. Her father lost is job and is now a substitent famer and dose not earn any money. Loveth helps a lady to sell roasted yams (looks like a potato) on the street where she only takes home 200 naira (less than 50 cent) everyday. Before dropping out from school she was a victim of rape and this makes her confidence drop. loveth said she doesn`t want to go to school any more but want to learn a skills so she could help her father raise her 6 other sibblings.

HELP US – to help young women like Loveth and Queen  – to give them a chance for a better life! 

just €60.- guarantee a place in a training programme in one of our partner-places.