our most important projects happen in Africa – to prevent future victims!

Only when we create local alternatives, we will cross the plans of human traffickers with a long lasting effect!

Women and girls who see a chance for a good life at  home –  will not follow them on a dangerous trip to Europe.

This is why we finance education- and job training programmes for girls and young women in Africa – and this is where we need your donations the most! You find further information about our programmes in the subsections.


For our projects in Europe in adive and support, public relations and education of the public, lobbying we are always looking for volunteers: 

We are looking for people who want to support us in our work – even if it is only a few hours. In particular, the following skills are currently interesting for us:

-Experience in writing and / or graphic design, experience with wordpress and webdesign; -Legal education – around asylum and immigration laws; -Psychological training; -People with economic contacts to Nigeria