Schoolfee – Project

Education prevents people from becoming victims of human trafficking!

First 8 years in state schools is for free, but there are cost for books, food, uniforms the parents need to cover. So poorer familiy often don`t send their children – espeically girls..

The quality of state schools is bad in many region – and costs for private schools (€ 150-300 per year) are only affordable for upper class.

From Senior Secondary School (15 years upwards) you need to pay schoolfees in state schools – depending on the region and the type of schoolfees vary between € 100-250 per year. In college there are additional costs for food and lodging. Plus costs for books anduniform – the total costs exceed a full monthly salary – and so parents can not afford to send their children to school. So teenage girls drop out of the education system – so they have low opportunities for a normal job – and so these girls and their families become a target for human traffickers and they ecome victims to their lies and false promises of jobs and eduction abroad.

Here we help with our Schoolfee Project. We give girls the chance of education and a better life.

Our field worker research each individual case, the story of the girls and their famiilies and talk with them about the danger of human trafficking. In the case we decide to help, we organise the right school and pay directly to the school and cover necessary other costs.

One example where we help is 10 year old Tessy. She lives with her little sister woth her fathers family. her mother was brought to Europe by human traffickers. There she found out that the promise of a proper job was a lie and that she should work for debts of € 30.000.- for her travel costs as a prostitute. on the streets of Italy. She managed to escape into a refugee camp – but gone were the dreams of work and the chance to look after her child at home, sned money so Tessy culd go to school. Thanks to FREE ME these costs are covered now and tessy is attending 4th grade. She want to become a saleswoman and own her own shop when she is grown up.


Another case where we look for support is 9 year old Aishat. She lives with her parents and 3 siblings outside of Benin City. Her father work far away most of the month. The 25.000 Naira her earns (around € 60) barely are enough to buy food for his family. So Aishat cannot go to school but is selling water in little plastic bags at the market. So she earnd around 50 Naira per day (€ 0,12 cent). She would love to go to school and learn. Each morning she accompanies her neighbour friend to school – but she is not allowed inside, but heads of to the market instead. In the video she is asking for your support.

Help us now – to help Aishat and other girls 

With just € 25.- you pay for a package with a school uniform.

€ 70.- cover the costs for a package with books and food for one school period.

With a REGULAR DONATION of just €10.- per month you pay for a whole schoolyear and give a child a chance for a better life!