Free ME – official registry document in Austria

As the official place of residence of FREE ME is in Vienna – our constitution is in German. You will find the full text and a link to our official registration when by changing the language on this page to German .

Here a short version of the core of our constitution in English:

Free Me – Stop Human Trafficking – is a not-for-profit Organisation with the goal to stop Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery globaly.

Our goals:

We support Victims of Human Trafficking and help them to leave their Traffickers

We educate and inform – and prevent girls and women from becoming victims of human trafficking

We inform and educate the public about Human Trafficking

We lobby politicians regarding better protection laws for victims

We fight the causes for human trafficking


We do this through:

Speeches and lectures

Cooperation with other organisations

Publications (print and online) and social media

Direct Work with victims

Lobbying activities

Education programmes for victims


We ask for support in form of:

Membership fees

Donations in all forms

Sponsoring and marketing activities




Our members can be human beings and legal bodies who support our cause. The board decides about new members.


Decision making

The board is running the day to day business. All relevant decisions are made by the general member assembly.


In case the organisation will be ceased, all remaining funds will be given to an institution that has the same goals than Free Me.